Out of Character Radio

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Your Number 1 Roleplay Radio

Station Statistics

  • Founded: 2022
  • Genres: Variety
  • Language: English
  • Author: The Salt

About Out of Character Radio

Out of Character Radio, is a roleplay radio featuring a variety of tunes playing non-stop 24/7!

Where to find us

Out of Character Radio was founded in December of 2022 by The Salt, and his team. Out of Character Radio is a roleplay-geared station for Roleplay servers on games such as FiveM (a GTA 5 mod), GTA 5, Roblox, Police Simulator, Flashing Lights, and more. They play various music genres ranging from Pop to Rap, EDM, dance, electro, and more.

What are we built on?

Our backend is an AzuraCast instance, and our front-end website was built utilizing Bubble, a low-code development environment with a WYSIWYG editor with a solid and powerful back-end ability built in. We also utilize a Discord bot that is built off of discordjs, and our soon-to-be-released Alexa skill is being made in Python.