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About TruckersFM

We are a popular online radio station that broadcasts mainly Top 40 & Pop but also offers a variety of other speciality genre shows throughout our schedule. Our team of talented and passionate presenters are dedicated to bringing the Truck Sim community (and beyond) the best in radio entertainment for listeners. If you enjoy engaging with active listeners through voice, providing up-to-date traffic reports and information from the TruckersMP server and love listening to and playing music.

To put it simply, TruckersFM is a community radio station that is dedicated to the Truck Sim Community! Our aim is to enhance the simulator experience by providing great tunes 24/7/365. We can't do this alone, we have a group of absolutely beautiful volunteers who provide around-the-clock entertainment for drivers, gamers and streamers across the globe.

We have been on the air since 2015, and with no signs of slowing down! We are constantly striving to better ourselves, we love this community and want to give them the radio they deserve! To achieve this we work closely with the Truck Sim Community and the Twitch Community to provide a unique experience for our listeners.

Over our many years on the air, we have been recognised and have had the opportunity to work alongside fantastic companies and communities such as SCS Software, Scania Trucks, TruckersMP and so many more. And that is why we love what we do here at Truckers.FM! We are always overwhelmed by the support and recognition we receive daily and we thank you.

Application Process at TFM

TruckersFM is a great station to be a part of. Unfortunately, TFM does not open their applications very often, therefore you must be quick to apply when they do! When the applications are open, you will be able to apply over at their application page.

Few Tips and bits of Advice on Your Demo at TFM:

Here on our application page, we ask you to fill in some details about yourself and ask that you provide a short 5-10 minute long Audio Clip in MP3 Format that is under 50 MB in size. In this demo, you should mainly concentrate on demonstrating your presenting skills, and have a range of music which should be clean of any swearing of any type, and suitable for broadcast quality wise (128-320kbps)

You should only include the first and last 15 seconds of the music you are going to be playing so we can mainly focus on your ability to present a radio show. If you are struggling with ideas on how to present your demo, take a listen to our team's example below!

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Shows at TFM

The following is a list of popular shows presented at TruckersFM.

Information Gathered Upon Availability


The Feel Good Friday with Dynamic


Morning Coffee with Jay


New EMD & Submissions with SonnyCosta


To request more shows to be listed please send a suggestion.