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About SimulatorHits

SimulatorHits is a community-run and non-profit station, being supported mainly by the community of Farming Simulator 2019. SH is still in the early stages of expanding to the Trucking Community and hoping to achieve our new milestone in the future. The Station prefers to play songs from the Charts, however, do offer Presenters that play songs from the 80s, 90s & 00s. SimulatorHits are funded by Patrons & PayPal donors. The station also allows the opportunity for all Members to advertise their community Adverts On-air and/or Website, Through On-Air Adverts or Banners!

SimulatorHits was born on the 20th of April, 2020. The station has grown to an average of 100-300 Listeners! The station was originally created as an online platform for those enjoying the simulation world through the gaming industry. SimulatorHits made their first entry into a very populated game in late May, Farming Simulator 2019, after talks with GIANTS Software. Following Later through the year, The Station made together with a partnership with Forking Hell, and got added to their in-game radio system in late July! Most Recently, SimulatorHits have recently partnered with Ocean Drive, a FiveM Server Modification for GTA V, where they have been featuring in-game since Mid-August!

Application Process at SimulatorHits

Applying at SimulatorHits is fairly easy, to start you will need an account. Head over to their applications page by clicking here.

You will be displayed with a list of open positions at SH, simply select one and follow the instructions stated.

SimulatorHits has an age requirement for the presenters to be over the age of 16 upon applying, exceptions can sometimes be made depending on maturity.

Shows at SimulatorHits

The following is a list of popular shows presented at SimulatorHits.

Information Gathered Upon Availability


The SimulatorHits Weekender - Presented by a Variety of Presenters


The SimulatorHits Breakfast with Tayler Haynes


To request more shows to be listed please send a suggestion.