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About Harmony

Harmony was founded by Milan in September 2020 and is now owned by Adam. Harmony is a station designed for like-minded people to come together, create friendships and have fun together sharing their passion of music with each other.

Harmony is currently using their v1.5 website, but they are soon expecting the release of its innovative v2 website, which promises to contain more features and exciting tools for the community. Harmony is currently funded from community donations, on-air ads and website banners, which allow members of the community to make a contribution through Patreon in order for their advert to be played every hour, or their banner to appear on the website. Harmony has quite a large staff team, with almost 50 total staff helping to run the station.

Application Process at Harmony Radio

Getting a job at Harmony is fairly easy and not complicated.

To start, head over to their application page, and click "Apply" next to "Radio Presenter" (Currently the only position on offer), to proceed, fill in the simple form and click submit.

A Radio Manager will quickly respond to your request through Discord, where a short text-based interview will be held, and you'll be asked for a voice clip to judge the quality of your microphone.

Shows at Harmony Radio

The following is a list of popular shows presented at Harmony Radio.

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To request more shows to be listed please send a suggestion.